August – Perler Artists Spotlight

Here is a look at some of my favorite perler beads artists and what they create. It’s interesting to see what creativity and innovation people bring to the hobby! I will try to showcase some of these artists who impress me, and some personal picks among their creations shared on social media. For this month’s Perler Artists Spotlight, I’d like to share 5 of them with you, in no particular order.

Katheryn, aka sandepixels

Sandepixels started in early 2019 with their first perler beads creations. From the start, she has good looking and well ironed pieces. Katheryn uses Artkal and Perler brand fuse beads in MINI size. She has a variety of cute creations and sometimes makes her own sprites!

This is one of her perler pieces, Calcifer, from Studio Ghibli’s “Howl’s Moving Castle” movie. It is originally a cross-stitch pattern from HarpSealCrossStitch on Pinterest.

Here is a lovely Sloth perler in a nature setting.

She has a lot of great things coming, so check out and follow sandepixels on Instagram! –

Tamera, aka Nerdgasm Creations

A fellow Canadian, she’s known as the one and only Toronto Pink Power Ranger! Tamera is a professional tattoo artist and also does great art with perler beads. Her projects themes are varied and she does occasional portraits and 3D perlers. She sometimes makes her own patterns too! She uses all main brands of beads, including Perler, Artkal and Yihata.

This pattern was found on Pinterest and her rendition looks awesome! It would also look good for a tattoo design…

An original idea! The sprite fits perfectly with the canvas!

For many more cool creations and for all the blobfish, make sure to visit her Instagram –

Estela, aka mell.lpz


From Granada, Spain, she is the self-proclaimed Queen of Hama! I think most people in the community will agree on that title. Estela’s creations are impressive! Their size is usually huge. She mostly makes her patterns from images found on internet .** You can expect colorful artwork of various video game, cartoon and anime characters. Add to that a handful of tutorial videos on her Youtube channel (in Spanish).

** (See my upcoming article on apps to convert photos and images to a pattern)

Based on the “Dragon Ball Super” anime, 126 pegboards were used to create this work.

She made a few stained-glass style perlers, like this one based on “Zelda: Breath of the Wild”.

Check out her latest adventures –

Clara, aka creaclarita

Creaclarita is a talented French artist who makes a variety of cute perler creations and drawings. Most of the perler patterns she uses are from Nintendo games. Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Mario and Yoshi… They’re all very well made! Note that she irons her pieces only on one side, which is a look that many people prefer.

A Carbuncle from “World of Final Fantasy”. It took about 8 hours to make it.

Cute pencil container with the monkeys from “Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island”.

Follow her account to see more interesting and cute art –

Sune, aka beadlightstudio

Last but none the least, from Denmark, is BeadLightStudio. A long time perler art creator, most of his work is 3D! He makes a lot of lamp shades and intricate geometrical designs around lights, as well as animals, flowers and even yoyos! The beads he uses are Artkal brand. He also has tutorials on Youtube if you want to give 3D perler creations a try!

Here’s one of his amazing lampshades…

…with light!

The flying viking ship!

Check his Instagram for many more exciting posts –

This is it for this August’s Perler Artists Spotlight, see you all next month for more featured artists!

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