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Do you know about Pokemon Moemon? Moemon is an art concept that appeared more than 10 years ago and consists in turning Pokémon creatures into “gijinkas”, or cute human form versions of Pokémon. Moe, in Japanese, means “cute” or “blooming”. Most moemon are meant to be cute girls, like the Jolteon here.

The gaming community

Fans made quite a few games and the most popular one is “Moemon Fire Red” version. It’s actually just a modification of the in game sprites in Pokémon Fire Red, with no difference in the story, map, music or sound effects. The game still receives updates as of today. Artists and fans put a lot of work to add new moemon from later generations, and to update existing ones with better sprites. They take into consideration the consistency of the looks, proportions and palette colors of the evolution line, along with the pose on the front and back sprites of each moemon. Basically, the same process that goes for Nintendo when they create a new Pokemon game.

The latest Moemon project aims to include Mega evolutions, which were introduced to the franchise in Pokemon X & Y. That project is still in testing. Meanwhile, I highly recommend you try the latest version of Moemon Fire Red! Full instructions are on this page.

The perler artwork

Jolteon was the first in my moemon characters series. I used a mix of Artkal and Perler midi-size beads and it took me 4 or 5 hours to make. You have to be very careful with the ironing because it spans more than four pegboards. That’s when the heat tends to disperse and it will take a longer time to get to the melting point evenly on all the beads. I used the “tape method” just to be safe.

The taping method (or masking tape method) makes it so you can pull your perler off the pegboards before ironing. This will prevent them from bending with too much heat. It’s much safer! Here I poked holes through the tape to make sure no air bubbles would form while ironing the first side, as this would look pretty bad. Then I carefully removed the masking tape strips to iron the second side. Keep in mind the tape only holds the beads together! You always need to iron the non-taped side using parchment paper, such as this. Wax paper is not considered safe.

For a tutorial on the ironing and taping, you can check this video by Manic Made Geekery.

There are still many moemon designs I want to recreate in perler! Check Pixodia regularly for much more to come.

* Original sprite work is owned by its respective author.

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