Shiba doggo dog perler beads

Dog Meme Perler Beads

A Shiba Inu dog perler beads, made with standard size beads from Artkal and Perler bead brands. It’s a popular internet “meme” but also a cute puppy to hang or put as a fridge magnet!

This perler pattern is easy to follow if you are looking for new perler bead ideas for beginners. We used standard size beads but using mini beads is a good idea for a smaller and more detailed version of this perler pattern.

Shiba doggo dog perler beads

This is a good toy for kids! Just put a small magnet pad in the back and put it on the fridge. Another good idea is to use small velcro straps so you can attach it into playboards and walls. It won’t leave lasting damage!

We made this dog perler beads pattern to have a 3D visual effect. The dog is looking sideways so we put a shadow effect by using different shades of gray and orange melting beads.

The ironing

We only used one pegboard so it was easy to iron without using the tape method. We just simply put a parchment paper on top and ironed it. After ironing, put something heavy on top to prevent the perler pattern from curling. After five minutes, flip the pattern and put the parchment paper on top to start ironing the other side. Don’t forget to put something heavy on top of the perler afterwards!

We didn’t want this dog perler beads pattern to have a fully melted appearance so we just ironed it for around ten seconds on each side. If you want a fully melted impression, you will need to iron it longer. Be careful and pay attention because it’s hard to achieve uniformity in melting the beads when achieving a fully melted appearance. You will also need a heavier weight to put on top after ironing to make it flat.

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