Candle Sword Perler

A few years ago I made my own pattern for a perler sword. It was quite a challenge since I have little experience in drawing (I’m fairly decent with stick figures), but I wanted it to look unique. I had to change most of the beads a couple of times just to make up my mind.

Making the Sword Perler Pattern

I used GIMP to create the sword pattern. GIMP is a free software that works like Photoshop. Using the software, I created a 100×100 grid and filled the squares with color one by one. I made three versions of the sword as I couldn’t figure out how to draw the blade. I asked on art websites for opinions and eventually figured it out.

Beading and Ironing

The sword is five pegboards long. I used the tape method to iron it. For perlers this size, four pegboards or more, I’d rather not take risks with heat warping or air bubbles forming. It also means that I needed to poke holes in the tape for every single bead. I used an embroidery needle back then, but now I use a 5×5 punch (see post about it).


I added cardboard backing to make it more solid. I hand-sewn the cardboard for added solidity. It’s not permanent like glue and it felt more safe when I moved it around. I did bring the sword to a convention!

I also made a sheath (cardboard and tape) for extra protection! All done! I spent about 30 hours on the entire project.

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